ikitell - Email and web-based watch-over service

"ikitell" is a service to watch over your loved ones using e-mail and web pages.
In other words, it is a service to let your loved ones know that you are alive.
Please use this service to watch over your family members who live far away from you or to confirm your safety while you are on a trip!

Watch-over services
that do not monitor behavior

"ikitell!" is a service that literally tells people that they are alive.
In the conventional way of watching over a person's life, the system confirms whether or not the person being watched is alive, but this method gives the impression that the person being watched is being monitored.
With "ikitell!", the system automatically sends an e-mail containing the URL of a Web page, which the person being watched accesses of his or her own volition, thereby realizing a voluntary and active method of watching over the person being watched, as if the person is "telling" the system of his or her own volition.

Various uses of "ikitell"

My parents live alone at home. I would like to regularly communicate the growth of my grandchildren.

For children who have begun to live in faraway cities in the spring.

I want to let my family waiting at home know that I am traveling well.

survival confirmation

All you have to do is register the information of the person you want to watch over.

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Simply register the name and e-mail address of the person you wish to watch over and the "ikitell!" system will automatically send a "watch over e-mail".
If you have a smartphone or PC with Internet access, you can use this service after registering with the "ikitell!". No other special equipment is required.

The person you are looking after simply clicks on the incoming e-mail.

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The person being watched over simply clicks on a link in the daily (or weekly) "watch-over email" and an access notification is sent to you.
If the person you are watching over has a smartphone or cell phone that can access the Internet (receive e-mails and display web pages), you can watch over them using the "ikitell!". No other dedicated equipment is required.

Being watched over can be fun with a little ingenuity.

User Environment

Even though a "greeting page" can be displayed with a single click, it can sometimes be tedious to repeat the same process every day.
Therefore, "ikitell!" has a function that allows you to create a "greeting page" in your own words and an image uploading function.
By using these functions, you can tell your loved ones what you are up to, and they can access your greeting page to let you know that they are safe.

Three functions for an enjoyable life
under watchful eye

Watch over mail

"Greeting Mail" is an e-mail sent periodically to The Watch Over Partner to confirm that he/she is still alive. For more information, please click here.

Greeting page

Greeting Page" is a web page that is created to confirm your survival.For more information, please click here.

Uploading Images

You can upload your own images. And those images can be displayed within the Greeting Page like this.