How the "ikitell" works?

The Watch Over method of this service is done through Greeting Mail and a web page.



The ikitell system will send a Greeting Mail to The Watch Over Partner.
In order to use the Watch Over service, the person who wishes to be watched over must have a smartphone or cell phone.



When The Watch Over Partner clicks on the link in the Greeting Mail, it accesses the Web and displays a Greeting Page.



The ikitell system detects access to the Greeting Page and sends a notification e-mail to you.

What if the Greeting Page is not accessed after the specified time?


If the Person being watched over does not access the Greeting Page after the Watch Over Limit, we will send an Over Limit Notification Mail to The Watch Over Owner.
To be sure, please contact or visit the Person being watched over.

Let's get started!

First, you register the information of The Watch Over Partner.
After that, the ikitell system will automatically send Greeting Mail according to the Watch Over Registration information.
All you have to do is to wait for the ikitell system to send you an Access Detection Mail or a Watch Over Time Limit Warning Mail.

Click the button below to Register The Watch Over Partner.
You can set up a variety of settings, but you can use Watch Over Registration with just your name and e-mail address.
Other settings can be changed later, so please use them as needed.
If you are not sure how to use a setting item, click the "?" mark to the right of the item name.